A United Front - Luffy's Breakthrough Towards Victory! ", "A Burning Passion! The Ultimate Power! Alabasta Animal Land! An Island without Doctors? One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997. ", "A Battle Begins! Scent of Danger! Unexpected Relanding! Luffy Comes Under the Attack of the Black Sword! A Surprising Result of Block D! Shaking Fish-Man Island! The Yokozuna Appears! Its Name Is The New World! Darkness behind Dressrosa! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger! The Pumpkin Pirates! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie! If you are referring to the time skip that has happened already it was after the Marine Ford arc where all the strawhats trained for 2 years separately. The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend! A Great Journey Through the Land of Wano's Sea Zone! Erubafu no Yari - Kyōshū! A Reunion in Hell?! To the Sacrificial Altar! The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. Chief of Staff - Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora! Bellamy's Last Charge! ", "Shout of the Soul! Episode Ep. Chopper's Forbidden Rumble! Luffy and the Gladiator of Fate - Rebecca! The Man of Humanity and Justice - Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current. ", "Flame Dragon King! The Straw Hats Stunned! The Climax of the Intense Fight against Katakuri! ", "Lost in the Deep Sea! Kyros' All-Out Attack! A State of Emergency! There must be one among the more than 17.100 series. Try Hard, Coby! Arriving! R Team Fouls Unprofessional Dive Other; The Flare-Flare Fruit Power Returns! Logan vs. Rebecca! Join kitty enthusiast Gabby and her sidekick Pandy Paws as they team up for a series of animated adventures. Yakusoku no Basho - Rufi Genkai no Ikkiuchi, Rufi Anyaku Kaien Chokuzen! Take to the Sky! One Piece Arc List. The Phenomenal Bounce-man! The Identity of Ushimitsu Kozo The Chivalrous Thief! Target: Usoland! A Noble Family! Orochi's Hunting Party! Blazing Knight Sanji!! The Love Song Heard in the Clouds! Already Criminals?! The Three-Sword Style's Past! One Piece is a Japanese manga anime series illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. For example, Alabasta arc, Water 7 arc, Dressrosa arc, Zou arc and so on. The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! Ace and Luffy! Chopperman to the Rescue! ", "Save Zunesha! I Won't Kick Even If It Costs Me My Life! ", "Operation SOP Starts! ", "To the Reverie! Luffy's Treatment Begins! ", "Dashing onto the Scene! An Enraged Army Comes to Attack! A Battle of Limits! Arlong's Female Leader! ", "Toko's Tears! ", "A Lead Performer! The Battle of Molehill, Block 4! The Man Who Roger Admired! A live-action pirate adventure story based on the bestselling manga by Eiichiro Oda. The Straw Hat Crew. Zoro Bares His Fangs! Sanji and Judge! The Forbidden Sacred Ground! ", "Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Friends (1994) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Spandam Frightened! The Deadly Pact - Luffy & Bege's Allied Forces! A Battle of the Two Vice Admirals! ", "Stop the Emperor of the Sea! The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion! The Kidnapping of Shirahoshi! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! Charge in, Straw Hats! You're blocking our ads. ", "The Birth of Mom! The Emperor Rolls Over! The Coming of the Storm! A Deadly Infiltration! Family Guy. In a Real Pinch! ", "Two Great Rivals Meet Each Other! The Demon of the Ocean Strikes! The Wedding Full of Conspiracies Starts Soon! Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit! The Giant's Island Elbaph and a Little Monster! ", "A Man's Way of Life! ", "To Reach Sanji! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors! Wait for Luffy! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace! A Big Collision! ", "Gyukimaru! The Strongest Tag-Team! A Trap Awaiting in the New World! The Second Samurai - Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears, The Struggle with Pica - Zoro's One Finishing Move. Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge! Usopp the Man's Tearful Resolve! Hawk-Eye Mihawk! Rufi to Kyōaku Senshi Gundan. ", "The Strongest Man in the World! It contains a single story arc, called "Gurando Rain Totsunyū" (グランドライン突入, lit. The Battle of Love! Zen'in Shōmetsu - Kaidō Ikari no Boro Buresu! This new batch of episodes introduced a number of new foes and potential allies as Luffy and the others explore a mysterious island covered in both ice ... One Piece Season 10 Voyage 4 … Ending the Matter! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem! The Rain-Summing Powder and the Rebel Army! Meowban Brothers vs. Zoro! Eneru's True Form is Revealed! IMDb Rating: 6.9. This episode was originally scheduled to air on April 26, 2020, but was subsequently delayed and replaced with a rerun of episode 892. Luffy's Past! A Lightning Counterattack! The Red Line, Hatred of the Straw Hat Crew – Enter Iron Mask Duval, The Fated Reunion! One Piece. Jump Towards the Falls! Luffy at the End of His Tether! Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy vs. Katakuri! However, there is no statement by the author regarding this matter. Luffy and Law's Great Escape! Zoan-type Devil Fruit! [2] The series uses 39 different pieces of theme music: 21 opening themes and 18 closing themes. Chopper in Danger! Trap Coaster (12 min) S07. ", "She Loves Sweets! Luffy vs. A Collision! The End of the Adventure - Sanji's Resolute Proposal. Startling! The Headliner! Galley-La Company! On the Front Lines of the Burning Love Rescue! Returning the Sake Cup! Admiral Kizaru’s Light Speed Kick!! Into The Final Round! ", "A Celestial Dragon! Hangeki Kaishi - Guruwara no Ichimi Dai-katsuyaku! ", "Full of Enthusiasm! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! ", "An Intense Battle! ", "Shirahoshi's Tears! ", "The Battle in the Ryugu Palace! The Seventh Member is Nico Robin! Landfall at Logue Town! I Will Make it Bloom! Showdown in the Ancient Ruins! Luffy Finally Shows Up! Uprising of the Navigator! Shi no Kisu - Yonkō Ansatsu Sakusen Kaishi! The Master's Inhumane Experiment! Famous Cook! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! The Haunting Ties! ", "The Mission Failed?! Shaking the Nation! Wetton's Schemes and the Rainbow Tower! Nami's Sick? Watch all 48 One Piece episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. ", "I Miss Him! Tsui ni Akasareru Shima no Himitsu, Kodomo-tachi o Sukue! The Dancer Girl: Violet! Shirahoshi Goes Out in the Sun! The Yarn the Poneglyphs Spin! Kodomo-tachi o Mamore! A Shocking Confession! A Battle to Defend Zou - Luffy and Zunisha! Another Gear Four Application Activated! Kaido Returns - An Imminent Threat to the Worst Generation! I'm Luffy! ", "The Worst in the World! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant! Rufi Udon Seiatsu! The Sky Knight and the Gate in the Clouds! The Tragic Night of Dressrosa! The Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma, Oars + Moria! Luffy Back in Action! The Kidnapping Of Shirahoshi! The Snow Woman! The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5! Win Through the Sumo Inferno! Jimbei vs. Arlong! ", "The Straw Hats Stunned! Capriccio for Despair! ", "A Heartbreaking Duel! The Summit War - Pirate King's Inherited Will. Pulling Back from the Brink! Alabasta's Hero and a Ballerina on the Ship! The complete series is covered in 800+ episodes and 13 movies. ", "A Touching Reunion! Luffy and Ace! The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Monet! Fiery Cooking Battle? ", "The Straw Hats Stunned! ", "Save Otama! ", "Curtain-up on a New Adventure! Jonathan's Surefire Secret Tactic! ", "The Fierce Fight Begins! ", "Warriors' Dream! Luffy vs. Backwater Sword Dance. ", "The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves! Show Them What You Got From Training! Luffy and the Akazaya Samurai! The Town of the Beginning and the End! Big Mom and Jimbei", "The Emperor's Castle! Living through Hell! Neptune, the God of the Sea! Pirate Luffy vs. War Demon Wyper! The Implacable New Admiral of the Fleet - Sakazuki! Say You Want to Live! ", "Back to the Present! Startling! A Shocking Truth of Tiger! A Grand Sight: Dock #1! The Big News Shakes Up the New World! To the Reverie - Princess Vivi and Princess Shirahoshi, To the Reverie - Rebecca and the Sakura Kingdom. Law’s Soulful Vow! CP9 Goes Into Action! The Forbidden Move: Venom Demon! Hogback’s Nightmarish Laboratory! The Going Merry is Recovered! ", "The Rebellious Daughter, Chiffon! The End of the Match?! Luffy vs. Fujitora, Head-to-Head! The Straw Hat Crew vs. 100,000 Enemies", "Deadly Attacks One After Another! Thousand Sunny! The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion! A Celestial Dragon Drifts In! In dieser Rangliste finden Sie als Kunde die Top-Auswahl der getesteten One piece number of episodes, bei denen der erste Platz den oben genannten Vergleichssieger darstellt. The Great Warrior Sheads Tears! Season 16 onward, including the Film Z and Film Gold tie-in episodes, were released on both DVD and Blu-ray. Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! Director: … Shuto Kaimetsu - Guru wara no Ichimi Jōriku. A Storm of Revenge! The Keeper of Whitebeard's Last Memento. I Won't Die! ", "A Battle of Limits! White Barbed Death Match! ", "Meeting Again After Two Years! Its a tough choice. ", "Break Through! Nami and the Fishman Pirate Crew! A Great Journey Through the Land of Wano's Sea Zone! G-5's Desperate Breakthrough Plan! The Dangerous Encounter! ", "A Tale of Chivalry! Akudō Kikyō yon - Sumeragi Biggu Mamu no Shikaku, Shissō no Shinjitsu - Sanji Kyōgaku no Shōtai Jō, Wa no Kuni no Himitsu Kōzuki-ke to Pōnegurifu, Otoko no Chikai Rufi to Kōzuki Momonosuke. The Tearful Vow to Put Friends on the Line! Sōzen! Hard Battles, One After Another! Luffy vs. the Fire Tank Pirates. The Friends' Whereabouts! ", "Everyone is Annihilated! Duel Between Rubber and Ice! One Piece season 1 episode guide on TV.com. ", "Destructive! The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves! The Straw Hats Get Separated! Astounding New World! ", "The Holyland in Tumult! A Surprising Result of Block D! This episode list covers the original episode list for the series. Nami And The Fish-Man Pirates! Watch all you want. Luffy's Tide-turning Elephant Gun! Zoro, the Wandering Swordsman! Come, Final Miracle! The Straw Hat's Rescue Operation! Brook Defends His Afro, A Man's Promise Never Dies!! ", "No Way Out! The Dog and the Cat and the Samurai", "The Third One! He also said after reaching about 700 chapters, that we were around 62.5% done. ", "The Birth of the Legend! Break Through - Straw Hat Crew's Great Naval Battle! End-Of-Year Special Project! The Power of the Munch Munch Fruit! Breaking through Enemy Lines! Robin's Past! Rescue Brook Mission! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza! ", "Hiyori's Confession! We have all the information about your favorite TV series. A God Speed Fist - New Gear 4 Activation! Luffy vs. Fujitora, Head-to-Head! Queen the Plague Emerges! ", "The End of the Match?! Open Upon the Great Sea! Doflamingo's Awakening! Signup Login ... Everything seen from One Piece? Beautiful Mermaids! His Name Is Sogeking! Save Zunisha - The Straw Hat's Rescue Operation! Caesar's Horrendous Experiment! A Battle Between Father and Son - Judge vs. Sanji! One Piece has already been adapted to an animated series, several movies, special episodes, OVAs, omakes, featurettes, … The Underwater Prison Impel Down. Ryugu Palace! Luffy`s Angry Iron Fist Strikes! Pedro, the Captain of the Guardians! Making a Sortie! Luffy's Father Revealed! Zoro vs. Ryuma's Showdown, Chopper Is Furious!! Sound (7/10) The music quality of One Piece was all right, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t blessed with a full orchestra. ", "The Rendezvous! Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge! Storming Raindinners! ", "Another Crisis! ", "Luffy Dies at Sea!? The Untold Story Behind Luffy and Sabo's Reunion! Wanted Posters Make It Around the World! Yūwaku(Yūwaku) no Mori, Hangeki no Kaminari - Nami to Raiun Zeusu, Gūzen (gūzen) no Saikai - Sanji to Koisuru Waru Purin, Kanarazu Modoru - Rufi Inochigake no Shukkō, Jyuuoku no Otoko Saikyou no San Shousei Katakuri, Mogura no Kyōi - Rufi Chinmoku no Tatakai, Shitō Kecchaku!? From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes. Luffy's Fights Back! Beautiful Sword! Cutting the Father-Son Relationship! The Man with a bounty of Billion! Drifting to the Fish-Man Island! Mugiwara Ichimi Sentō Taisei, This episode originally aired as second half of a one hour TV special alongside. Luffy Finally Shows Up! Little East Blue in Danger, A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! The Giant Statue Pica's Surprise Maneuver! Nami and Zeus the Thundercloud! To the Samurai Country where Cherry Blossoms Flutter! Kyros and King Riku! The Samurai that Cuts the Fire! Homage God Fist Strikes! ", "Kaido Returns! Luffy's Conquer of Udon! The Beast Pirates, Jack! A Fierce Fight Against Holdem! Departures of Their Own! Doflamingo's Sudden Attack! An Order to Execute Neptune Issued! Zoro to Tonoyasu Futari-tabi! Justice for the Winners! ", "Pulling Back from the Brink! A Kingdom of Love and Passion: Dressrosa! Their Shocking True Faces! The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5! The Island Where God Lives and Heaven's Judgement! The True Identity of Doflamingo! The Truth Behind Her Betrayal! Magellan's Tricky Move! The New Shichibukai - Son of the Legendary Whitebeard Arrives. Vivaldi published the concerti with accompanying poems that elucidated what it was about those seasons that his music was intended to evoke. As Long as We Breathe! The Looming Clutches of a Professional Kidnapper, Rescue Camie! Naruto Shippuden. Fujitora Takes Action! Quit Dreaming! Sunny in a Pinch! Mom's Secret! Chivalry Remains! Admiral Akainu's Power! Here's my list of funniest Arcs in one piece 1. Tension in Onigashima! Moving into the Final Phase! Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. ", "The Deadly Pact! Smoker vs. Desperate Struggle at the Auction House, Admiral Kizaru Takes Action! Lucy vs. Luffy vs. The Roaring Burn Bazooka!! Arriving at the Whole Cake Island! The Straw Hats vs. A Difficult Fight for Luffy! Nazo no Bijo no Shōtai, Shōgeki Hashiru - Gizoku Ushimitsu Kozō no Shōtai, Ichimi Hashiru! The One Fell Swoop Plan! ", "A Great Escape! Luffy's Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains! One of the Four Emperors - Kaido, King of the Beasts! The Man Who Will Save Dressrosa! Lucy in Trouble! Luffy and Law`s Great Escape! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cider, Special Edition! Rebeccca’s Sword of Death! ", "Dragon Claw Strikes! The Most Violent Fighter! Pica! Thoughts of Home! ", "A Swordplay Showdown! The Straw Hats' Sworn Allies Come Together! Unassailable! ", "Steady Progress! Thousand Armed Cracker, An All-out Duel! The Conspiracy-filled Reverie! Doflamingo's Awakening! Farewell, Marine Fortress! ", "A Samurai Who Can Cut Fire! The Invincible Urashima Goes After Okiku! The Battle Axe-Carrying Sentomaru. Zendaimimon Taishō - Fujitora Shōgeki no Ketsudan! Densetsu Fukkatsu! For seasons 1 to 8, see, Shinshō Kaimaku - Saishūketsu! ", "Escape From the Tea Party! Another Assassin Targets Sanji! Disembarking on Thriller Bark! Season 1. Either way I am positive you will love this. The Adventures of the Revolutionary Warrior Sabo! The Demon of the Ocean Strikes! Sabo Goes into Action - All the Captains of the Revolutionary Army Appear! The Ryugu Palace Is Occupied! Princess Vivi and Princess Shirahoshi! ", "The Truth Behind the Disappearance! Unwelcome Customer! Kesshi no Erefanto Gatoringu! Climbing Up a Waterfall! The Army of the Little People Charges! ", "Back to Zero! Luffytaro Returns the Favor! It's The Ryugu Palace in Shock! Vinsmoke Sanji! Roronoa Zoro. The Weatheria Report and the Cyborg Animals! ", "Finally, It Starts! onepiece.d1g1t.net. Finally, It Starts! Luffy, a One-on-One at His Limit! Law's Injection Shot Blasts! The Manly Jimbei Pays His Debt! White Chase vs. Vergo! Into Big Mom's Territory! Mamu no Shikaku - Rufi to Yūwaku no Mori! [9] The first unedited, bilingual DVD box set, containing 13 episodes, was released on May 27, 2008. I Will Take Everything upon Myself! Kōkakutō no Ningyo-hime, Kinkyū Jitai Hassei - Senkyo Sareta Ryūgū-jō, Ryūgū-Jō Gekishin! Is the Path to Becoming a True Comrade Rigorous? ", "Shocking! Rebel Warrior Koza! ", "Wake Up! [11][12] Episodes began streaming on August 29, 2009. Hurry Up, Luffy! 03. Doffy's Stormy Past", "A Rocky Road! The series currently consists of 580 Episodes (ongoing), 3 OVAs, 6 TV specials and 12 movies. ", "The Nightmare Returns! Across the Deadly Iron Bridge! The Navy Has Set Out! ", "Beautiful Sword! The Legendary Journey - The Dog and the Cat and the Pirate King! The Day the Sea Train Shook! Yokozuna Tōjō - O-Kiku Nerau Muteki no Urashima! ", "Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Duel! The Stunning Secret of Trebol! Showdown at Alubarna! Giolla vs. the Straw Hats! Straw Hat vs. the Strongest Ever Yokozuna! Celebrations in Their Hometowns as the Ship Moves Forward! The Pirate Alliance's Operation Launches! ", "Luffy and the Gladiator of Fate - Rebecca! ", "A Surprising Fact! Landing at the Maiden Island! 02. Zoro's New Special Secret Technique Blasts! Revolutionaries and the Gorging Forest's Trap! To The Sea Someday! Luffy & Bege's Allied Forces! The True Power of the Evil Drug! Overwhelming! The Pirate Flag Flutters with Sorrow! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! Stop the Deadly Birdcage! This is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base! The Launcher Blasts! The Rendezvous! The Devil's Fist - A Show Down! One Piece has already been adapted to an animated series, several movies, special episodes, OVAs, … The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower! ", "A Hard Battle Starts! Watch all 48 One Piece episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. My Enemy Is the Immortal Princess, Perona Is Terrified!! TV Shows Based on Manga. Usopp, the Man, and the Eight-Foot Shell! ", "The King of the Day! Two Emperors of the Sea Meet?! Waiting in the New World! The Devil's Trap! ", "A Deadly Poison Crisis! Battle on the Lowest Floor, Level 6! ", "Finally, It's Over! ", "Light and Shadow! The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! Diamante The Hero Shows Up! Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel! Showdown Between Cooks! Big Mam of the Four Emperors! The Birth of the Legend! Keep Shirahoshi Safe! The Next Stop: the Great Prison! A Savage Animal Stands in the Way! A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! 1999. Diamante's Storm of Vicious Attacks! Bōken no Owari - Sanji Ketsui no Puropōzu, Tamashī no Sakebi - Burukku & Pedoro Dengeki Sakusen, Hidarime no Innen - Pedoro VS Tamago Danshaku, Fukutsu no Souru - Burukku tai Biggu Mamu, Sora no Negai - Jeruma no Shippaisaku Sanji, Sanji no Moto e - Rufi Gyakushū no Dai Gekisō, Wakare no Ketsui - Sanji to Mugiwara Bentō. Momonosuke and Kin'emon! Finally, It's Over! Luffy vs. The Monster Snake, Shogun Orochi! Bege and Luffy's Determination as Captains! ", "Big News! The Pledge of the Three Brats! The Hero on the Tower of Law! ", "To Save Her Friends! Zoro's New Special Secret Technique Blasts! Explore! Luffy Dies from Exposure?! The Vinsmoke Family", "The Benefactor's Life! To Live Up to the Promise! Set Sail! Videos Reviews Comments More Info. An Incarnation Of Asura Born From Fighting Spirit! Mugiwara no Ichimi, Kaigun Shutsudō - Nerawareta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Ōmono Shūketsu - Nise Mugiwara Ichimi no Kyōi, Zen'in Shūgō - Rufi Shin Sekai e no Funade, Kyōgaku no Shinjitsu - Sanī-gō o Mamotta Otoko, Kaichū no Shitō - Arawareta Ōunabara no Akuma, Shinkai de Sōnan - Hagureta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Gyojin-tō Jōriku - Uruwashiki Ningyo-tachi, Yowamushi de Nakimushi! Select all. The Determination of the Straw Hats! The Scorching Don! The Ninja Group vs. ", "A Desperate Situation! A Celestial Dragon Drifts In! A Mysterious Giant Straw Hat! ", "The First and the Second Join! The Final Moment of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Land of Wano! ", "Stop, Noah! The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! One Piece: Season Ten - Voyage Three. Sanji's Chivalry! ", "A United Front! Head for the Grand Line! The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Monet! Red Hawk Blasts! The Office (US) The Simpsons. A Dangerous Love! ", "Finally Clashing! Nami’s in a Major Pinch! Deliver Princess Vivi! ", "A Shocking Fact! The Boy at the Gray Terminal! The 500 Million Berry Man! For His Friend! Zenny of the Island of Goats and the Pirate Ship in the Mountains! ", "Gathering into a Powerful Front! Brook and the Cape of Promise, Food, Nami and Shadows!! Hordy's Onslaught! Wyper the Warrior! Chase Straw Hat! Several CDs that contain the theme music and other tracks have been released by Toei Animation. Luffy vs. Carbonic Acid King. Zoro vs. Hatchan the Octopus! Nightmare Luffy Makes His Appearance, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Out! Ikari no Gundan Shūrai! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap! Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Sulong - Carrot's Mysterious Great Transformation. ", "He'll Come! Enter: A Samurai`s Horrifying Severed Head! Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation! Nico Robin. A Hungry Front - Luffy and the Marine Rookies! Shanks Makes a Move! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime! The Ryugu Palace is Occupied! ", "The Cake Sank?! Sanji Barges In! Luffy's Conquer of Udon! Deadly Combat in the Upper Ruins! Kyōgaku! Rufi Konshin no Ichigeki! ", "Startling! Save Otama! Farewell, Hometown Cocoyashi Village! Ticking Down to the Time of Battle! Big Opening Day Today! A Touching Reunion! A Secret Raid Operation Begins! Luffy and Coby Collide! The Birth of Mom! Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle! Another Crisis! The Straw Hat Pirates are the Culprits? The Strongest Man in the World! Anger Erupts - I'm Going to Take it All on! ", "A Big Collision! The Last Battle for Escape! ", "A Surprising Outcome! A Pirate Group Worth Over Six Hundred Million! A Scientist of Terror - Caesar! The Heartbreak Club. Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat! Smash the Wave! Sanji and the Lovestruck Evil Pudding! Saikyō no Otoko - Tōzoku-dan Tōryō: Shutenmaru! ", "History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea", "Chopper's Fury! Fated Mother and Daughter! We're Here to Win! Advance, Law! The Steam Whistle Forces Friends Apart! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger! Sumō Kessen - Mugiwara tai Saikyō no Yokozuna! Meeting Again After Two Years! A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! The Sweet 3 General Cracker Appears! The Little People's Princess! One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in 1999. Farewell Giant Island! Emperor Big Mom's Assassins! The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woman! Ichimi tai Shin Gyojin Kaizokudan! ", "Sabo Enraged! Giolla vs. the Straw Hats! In December 2006, 4Kids cancelled production due to financial reasons. The Four Seasons, group of four violin concerti by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, each of which gives a musical expression to a season of the year. Bubble Master Kalifa! Off to the Desert Kingdom! Many Problems Lie Ahead! Kuma’s Paw-Paw Power! Satori, the Mantra Master! Miracle on Skypiea! The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. Ninkyō Den! The Navy Headquarters Falls! The Designs of Zenny the Moneylender! Bartolomeo the Cannibal! Watch all you want. Protect You to the End! Blackbeard's Plot is Revealed! Cannon Fire Is the Signal! Fake Luffy! The Shadow-Shadow's Powers in Full Swing, The Incredible Battle Starts! Grount! The Master's Evil Hands Close in! Angels on a Beach of Clouds! Vivi and Rebecca's Sentiments! 16. ", "A State of Emergency! Dragon Claw Strikes! Luffy's Mournful Cry! A Reunion at the Ruins of Oden Castle! Corazon's Farewell Smile! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower! The Man Who Inherit Ace’s Will! Severe Shock Hits the City of Water! ", "The Little People's Princess! The Battle Ends! Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have! ", "A Vow Between Two Men! Hot Full Throttle! The Girl was Called a Devil! Hawkings the Magician Appears! A Big Surprise! ", "I'll Wait Here! ", "A Legendary Samurai! A Legendary Samurai! Kokugen Semaru - Minku Zoku to Ichimi no Kizuna! [10] Similarly sized sets followed with 31 sets released as of July 2015. Kūchū Kessen - Zoro Shin Hissatsu Ōgi Sakuretsu! Luffy Falls! Round 3! ", "Start Fighting Back! Luffy, Setting Out for the New World! A Deadly Elephant Climb - A Great Adventure on the Back of the Giant Elephant! Then you should check out MyAnimeList! Chopper and Brook! The Power That Can Burn Even Fire! ", "The Straw Hats Defeated?! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap! The Final Combat Round! Genres. A Massive Counterattack! List of One Piece episodes (seasons 1–8) The season initially ran from March 21 through August 19, 2001 on Fuji Television in Japan. Eric Attacks! The Iron-tight Entrapment of Luffy! Katakuri's Deadly Big Fight! Kyoui Shurai - Hyakujuu Kaizokudan Jakku! The Day the Sea Train Cried! ", "Mom's Secret! The Secret of Dressrosa! A Coward and a Crybaby! Hordy Makes a Move! Pirate Dodgeball! The Navy’s Fighting Weapons, the Pacifistas, An Even Stronger Enemy Appears! A Descendent of the Beast! ", "The Sword Technique Heats Up! Luffy and the Seducing Woods! The War of the Best is Finally Over! A Special Retrospective Before Marineford! Seichi Sōzen - Nerawareta Shirahoshi-hime! You can now check out the schedule for the next year! ", "Barrier-Barrier! Peace Interrupted! Fishmen vs. The Buster Call Invoked! Ichimi Sōzen! The Great Swordsman Appears! Nami's Decision! The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Monsters Appear! Transformed into Nami! All for the Sake of a Nakama! Wano Kuni no Kaiiki Dai-kōkai! ", "Save Nami! Light the Fire of Shandora! Saigo no Hikari - Warera ga Taichō no Himitsu! Free From the Spell! The Navy's Strongest Lineup in Position! Encounter! The Secret of the Op-Op Fruit! Boa Hancock. Suleiman! I Made it here! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro. Zoro vs. Here are list of One Piece arcs in order, from beginning to latest arc, only show canon arc based on manga, excluding One Piece filler arcs. Luffy Lands a Furious Blow! The Judicial Island! The True Identity of Hordy! Updated on December 13, 2020. Chopper's Emergency Operations! One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy, whose body has gained the properties of rubber from accidentally eating a supernatural fruit, and his crew of diverse pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. The Straw Hat's Great Escape Begins! A Man's Resolution - Katakuri's Life Risking Great Match, Wake Up - To Cross Over the Strongest Kenbunshoku. To the New World! Usopp Dead?! [5] One Piece made its U.S. premiere on September 18, 2004, on the Fox network's Fox Box programming block, and also began airing on the Cartoon Network's Toonami block in April 2005. The Pirate Ship Disappears! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-Snake, Hancock's Confession – The Sisters' Abhorrent Past. Here we are with the list of One Piece movies. A Mystical City! ", "Brownbeard in Grief! Katakuri! ", "A Showdown Between the Warlords! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! Hikari to Kage - Doresurōza ni Hisomu Yami! The True Power of the Evil Drug! All Forces Have Gathered! A Sad Farewell with His Cheerful Comrade! Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. ", "The Land of Souls! Momonosuke and Kin'emon! Clash! Luffy Sinks into the Ice-cold Lake! The Kindhearted Man's Final Fight! The Manly Jimbei Pays His Debt!