Despite his defeat of Metatron and access to Heaven having been restored, Castiel continues to face challenges on a personal and large scale, as some angels prefer to remain on Earth and his stolen Grace continues to consume him. Actor Misha Collins feels, through Dean, "[Castiel is] learning a little bit about humanity and re-learning something about [his] own humanity from that exposure. They just destroy. While Claire is tied up, she is approached by Castiel (presumably in a dream) and asked to assent to possession. With Sam closing in on Lilith, Castiel and Zachariah imprison Dean within an idyllic waiting room, where he will be made comfortable until the time comes for him to play his role in stopping the Apocalypse. Subreddit dedicated to the TV show Supernatural on the CW Network, starring Jensen Ackles, Jared … He is also now less distant from Sam and Dean and more appreciative of human things such as television. This leads to a confrontation with the Grigori Tamiel and Amelia's subsequent death, though Castiel saves Claire from being killed. They later engage at the bunker, with Castiel attacking Michael who effortlessly knocked out Castiel. Both angels were shocked to discover that Castiel was alive, since he was thought to have died after he let loose the Leviathans some time ago. Castiel and Mary meet face to face in Season 12, when Castiel returns to the Bunker after being banished by Lady Toni Bevell. Instead, the threat to John and Mary causes Castiel to instantly kill Duma with an angel blade to protect them. The Winchesters are able to kill Zachariah and banish Castiel, but eventually are forced to send John back to restore the original history. Anna saves Castiel's life during the fight with Uriel by killing the rogue angel. After Dean's apparent sacrifice to stop the Darkness, Castiel goes with Sam although he is then banished when a member of the London branch of the Men of Letters attacks the bunker to punish Sam for his past actions. With no obligations left, Rowena cast the Attack Dog Spell on Castiel, forcing him to viciously attack, and attempt to kill Crowley. At Charlie's request, Castiel eventually relocated Rowena to a separate room, only to realize Charlie had fled during that time. The child seemingly instructs Castiel to become Kelly's new protector, and has somehow convinced Castiel that the child himself is indeed good. [8] He later returns in "The Monster At the End of This Book" to explain Chuck's role as a Prophet and later when Dean calls him to help save Sam. Castiel offers to pretend to be Gadreel's prisoner, but once they arrive in Heaven, the angels lock them up, not fooled by their guise. Castiel tracks down Jimmy Novak, a devout Christian and family man who is able to receive Castiel's messages and communicate with him. As a result of this, Castiel and Dean are sucked into Purgatory with Dick's soul and after letting Dean know this and that they are more likely to die than get out, Castiel disappears, leaving Dean alone. During Galaxy Brain, Castiel was horrified to learn from Billie that God was wiping out most of The Multiverse. All he knew was that Metatron had created the tablets and knew all that was written on them, and Metatron used this knowledge to lure Castiel into trusting him. Castiel then bluntly states his previous relief after he believed her dead, causing Naomi to comment that they never did see eye to eye. Despite knowing Sam never could, he helps them. Lucifer's son, on the other hand, seems to favor Castiel over his former protector Dagon, and grants Castiel the powers to kill Dagon. Rowena completed it by performing the spell that removed the Mark from Dean. While talking to Dean, who unsuccessfully begs him to give up the power, Sam sneaks up behind them and attempts to kill him with an angelic blade by stabbing Castiel in the back, but it has no effect. Claire was briefly reunited with her father when Castiel was forcibly removed from his vessel, as shown in The Rapture. Directed by David Nutter. Castiel intends to keep using Claire in order to spare Jimmy of the torment of being a vessel, but Jimmy refuses. The archangel taunts Castiel about his lack of self-worth, noting how he knows this since he was once inside the angel, and proceeds to beat both him and Crowley to the ground. How Castiel was treated while used as a vessel is unclear. Together they are able to overthrow Metatron and re-take Heaven. jack, castiel, supernatural. In Beat the Devil, Castiel and the others open a rift and travel through Apocalypse World. She tried to warn Castiel of the scribe's plans even voicing she was wrong in her old ways, telling Castiel and Dean that angels were meant to protect God's creation and somewhere they lost sight of their purpose. In "Point of No Return", Castiel helps Sam to keep Dean from becoming Michael's vessel. When Castiel decides to build his army, Hannah acts as his second-in-command. In Jack in the Box, Castiel attends Mary's hunter's memorial alongside the other hunters that were her friends and family. Asmodeus then tracks Gabriel down and he and his demon underlings enter the Bunker, where they attack the group. Before Asmodeus captures them, Castiel appears to be willing to put aside his differences with Lucifer for Jack's sake and due to the threat of the alternate Michael. Castiel tricks Theo into releasing him and steals his Grace, transforming Castiel into an angel once more and at least restoring his powers. Castiel was shocked when he found out Balthazar had rebelled and was moonlighting as a crossroads demon. [19], In "Caged Heat",[20] Sam tries to trick Castiel into coming to Earth to help the brothers get Sam's soul back. Castiel is relieved that it might finally end, when Dean overpowers him but behaves strangely by breaking the spear and Michael's vessel falls dead. While posing as Ezekiel, Gadreel resurrected Castiel after he had been killed by the rogue reaper April Kelly though he later told Dean to get Castiel away to hide his identity and protect himself (and by extension Sam). Ishim, like Anna, was Castiel's superior for a time. During Beat the Devil, while they journey through Apocalypse World Castiel told Gabriel about Heaven's state and if he ever will return. He is uncertain as to how he was resurrected, but alludes to Zachariah it may have been God's doing. Castiel has also been working with the demon, consuming Purgatory's souls to gain power. The character of Castiel, the angel is basically queer as he eventually develops feelings for Dean Winchester in Season 4 and later for Meg Masters, a demon in Season 8, which shows the character's bisexuality. They were from the same garrison. In response, the angels send freelance Reapers after him and he is eventually caught by one of them. Castiel also takes the opportunity to describe Jack and what he is like to his father, noting that Jack looks more like Kelly than Lucifer. Although Metatron has hinted that he may be able to help Castiel with a remaining fragment of his original Grace, Castiel has rejected the option of making a deal with Metatron to save his own life. God eventually returns to offer the Winchesters help against Jack's corrupted state, but when the Winchesters realize that God is manipulating the situation to suit his own narrative aspirations, they reject his plans, prompting God to release all the spirits and monsters the Winchesters have previously defeated from Hell. As an angel, he possesses a number of supernatural abilities, including the ability to kill demons. Castiel does not alter Jimmy's appearance, simply adding a deep voice as the only indicator that the two are not the same person. He demonstrates this by healing a sick infant that won't stop crying. Ishim stated his envy of Castiel, since he was chosen by God and obtained great power but called him pathetic. Hester, the new leader of the garrison, was furious with Castel over the genocide of Raphael's followers, which cost Heaven thousands of angels. After Duma threatens the souls of John and Mary Winchester, Castiel kills Duma, potentially allowing Naomi to regain control of Heaven once again. With his meeting, Castiel is one of the seven angels (the archangels, Metatron and Gadreel) to see God. Naomi explained she faked her death and reveals she spent some years healing from Metatron's damage. The revelation of Ishim's true nature certainly damaged any positive opinion Castiel ever had of Ishim. During a talk with Dean, Castiel reveals that he now believes that this revival and other resurrections are a punishment that gets worse each time, and that if he dies again, God will continue to bring him back for more punishment. After returning to the bunker, Gabriel was helped in settling in by Castiel. The two do not meet again until a couple of years later, after Hannah inspires Castiel to go check on the Novaks, only to find what a mess they are in. In Exodus, Castiel was still shocked to see Jack but has Lucifer submit to Supernatural Handcuffs, he escorts him through camp. The Reaper tortures Castiel and kills him when the Winchesters show up to rescue him. Immediately after escaping the lair, Lucifer hunts down his son and locates Kelly at a house by the lake. The two are joined by Meg, but upon reaching the hospital, find demons surrounding the entrance. She then attempted to play on his care for the Winchester Family by ending John and Mary's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers. After Dean becomes Michael's vessel, Castiel sadly sits down as Mary and Bobby approach him, Castiel simply shakes his head in despair, as his reaction lets her know what had happened. Judging by Castiel's relationship with the illusion of Gabriel, it is clear that Gabriel is one of the few angels who actually likes Castiel but, to Castiel's dismay, he was presumed dead like many of his loyal friends and siblings. Metatron himself, during interrogation, was stripped of his own grace and rendered human, forcing him to suffer through mundane human problems for more than a year until Castiel found him, now working as a videographer. After Michael and Lucifer were imprisoned and he was resurrected by God, Castiel sought to help un-brainwash his siblings from Michael's false teachings, but the effort was in vain. Both Castiel and Rowena showed dislike in each other almost instantly and Castiel was pleased at the idea that they would kill her when it was over. Anna was surprised at his change and loyalty to the brothers, even seeming proud of him for this. In The Scar, Castiel goes so far as to call Rowena for magic help to save Laura when his own powers proved to be insufficient. For reasons unclear, Castiel had no memory of who he was. After losing his memory, Castiel is more human than ever, but still displays some of his emotionless side. This enrages Lucifer, who smites Castiel as punishment. Later on, Rowena formed an alliance with Lucifer, intent on helping the archangel escape his prison. They later allied together to rescue Jack and Mary Winchester from Apocalypse World and were successful. While Castiel searched Metatron's office, Metatron arrived and captured him, and proceeded to gloat about having murdered Dean, the human Castiel so dearly loved. Despite losing the demon tablet, Castiel was able to regain what was left of his original grace and merge it with "borrowed" grace from Adina, and become a Seraph once again. After Castiel bargains with the Shadow, Naomi thanks him and offers him a reward by telling him of where to locate Michael. To reward his role in averting The Apocalypse, God increases Castiel's power and upgrades him to a Seraphim. Castiel /ˌkæstiˈɛl/ (nicknamed "Cass") is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on The CW's American fantasy television series Supernatural. During The Spear, Castiel joins his friends on where to find Michael and defeat him after learning of his plans to unleash his army on a city. After Sam and Dean avert the Apocalypse, Castiel is resurrected once more by God, now more powerful than ever as a seraphim. However, he ventures off after discovering hundreds of Reapers are already in the town, hoping to discover what has called them there. Luckily, Samuel Colt collected the ashes and sent a package with them to be delivered to Bobby's after the boys return. There, they find them dead, having been killed by demons, and Castiel promises to look into Crowley's possible survival to find out for sure if he's dead or not. While under the guise as Chuck, he noticed Castiel's worried facial expression and appeared to show a level of pride and concern in Castiel for his rebellion and what would happen to him, as he placed a hand on his shoulder when he prepared to deal with Raphael as if to encourage him but removed it when Castiel gave him a look. Castiel informs Gabriel of the situation in Heaven, but Gabriel is reluctant to believe that he can be of help after abandoning Heaven previously. In Exodus, Castiel and Gabriel had little interaction but they both told Jack not to trust Lucifer. Critics and fans have responded highly favorably to the character. To his misfortune, Sam, Dean and Castiel once again stand in his way. The two became enemies immediately after due to Gadreel's alliance with Metatron. After he had seemingly completed this task, side-effects of the spell still sent Castiel into fits of blood-thirsty rage, leading him to kill several people. Michael would have killed him had Jack not taken a stance against him and eject him from Rowena. Bartholomew: You weren't. Muriel agrees to provide information but the two are captured by angels that have been trailing Muriel. Ishim turned on Castiel and ruthlessly beat Castiel. Inias, on the other hand, became one of the very few angels to care for Castiel, enough to want to welcome him back to the garrison, though Castiel ultimately declined. Castiel manifests on Earth through possession of a vessel - in his case Jimmy Novak.On one occasion, Castiel describes his true angelic form as a "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent" ; on another, he says that his true form is the size of the Chrysler Building in New York, which is 1047 feet (319 m) in height. Anna theorizes Castiel must have angered his superiors, prompting him to be taken back to Heaven. Samandriel's screams cause him to remember being tied down by Naomi who approaches his eye with a mysterious instrument and is unable to help Sam and Dean in breaking into the room where Samandriel is. Castiel knew little of the Scribe prior to their meeting, having neither a negative nor a positive opinion about him. They manage to complete the second trial (retrieving the bow of a cupid), but Metatron subsequently reveals that his true intentions are to exile all the angels from Heaven for forcing him to leave Heaven ages ago. The first trial is to cut out the heart of a nephilim, the child of a human and an angel, which Castiel is forced to kill when the selected target attacks him. Although the souls are returned, the Leviathans evade reentering Purgatory and take control of Castiel's vessel. They served together in Heaven in the same garrison, with Anna as his captain before she fell. Despite his desire to stop his brother, he was dead-set against the idea of Dean letting Michael possess him as he recognizes that even if Lucifer were to be defeated, Michael would just take over Dean and begin a reign of terror. He did not, but he did know the location of Castiel's remaining grace. Castiel proves instrumental in solving the case, using his abilities to enter the mind of a man with reality warping powers, allowing Sam to bring him back to reality with a speech about not running from it. In Various & Sundry Villains, while captured Castiel inquires from Lucifer about the Alternate Michael and is made aware that Michael has Mary and is torturing her before he angrily cuts Lucifer off from telling him more. Castiel. Castiel saves Dean from a demon and tries and fails to convince him to back off. In a flashback scene, Dean is shown looking for Castiel in Purgatory, interrogating a vampire for his location. Sam and Dean Winchester were trained by their father to hunt the creatures of the supernatural. Through a deal with Crowley, he starts a civil war in Heaven. When Anna confronts him about his actions, other angels appear and capture her. Castiel joins Crowley in fighting against Lucifer. Eventually, Castiel would remedy this situation and find Claire a better home, while Amelia died and went to Heaven, reunited with Jimmy at long last. During the fight, Castiel becomes convinced Lucifer can stop The Darkness just as he claims, and Castiel consents to possession right before Rowena finishes the spell intended to send Lucifer back to his Cage. The two meet again at Stull Cemetery, where Castiel banishes Michael using holy oil. Castiel soon awoke to find Michael injured by Jack and was somewhat relieved to see him defeated. When talking with another angel at an auction for the second Word of God tablet, Dean again states that Castiel did not make it out of Purgatory. The last time they see each other is in the evacuation of survivors, Castiel was one of the few to cross over while Gabriel stayed behind. While held captive by Asmodeus, Castiel and Lucifer develop an exasperated banter with Castiel often chastising Lucifer over his useless threats and Lucifer attempting to get Castiel to give up some of his grace to restore Lucifer's powers. After helping the Winchesters fake their deaths to escape the secret service, Castiel attempts to find Lucifer's child, but is convinced to spare the unborn child by his mother, Kelly, who is certain that the baby will be good. With this, Michael became disillusioned with God enough to aid Castiel and the Winchesters. When Gadreel proves resistant to their efforts to expel him, Dean tries to have Castiel possess Sam to let him know of the situation but he can't without Sam's permission, and furthermore has no way to gain it due to Sam’s mind being kept under by Gadreel. They talked explaining how they are both back after their previous encounter as Lucifer tells him of an impending threat. Cas and Dean figure out that an empathy-free Sam is missing his soul. At first, he didn't know who she was until she reveals her name before sending him back to Earth. In "Reading is Fundamental", Castiel is awakened when the Word of God – a tablet with information inscribed by an angel as dictated by God – is found by Sam and Dean. Gabriel later saved Castiel and Sam from being killed by Asmodeus by incinerating the demon. Michael is eventually apparently expelled from Dean, but Jack later dies as a result of his angelic heritage being at war with his human nature now that his grace has been stripped. Aside from a brief glance at Duma, Castiel showed no reaction to killing another of his siblings and showed no remorse for his actions. Castiel swore to Dean that they'd find Gabriel again. God resurrected Castiel and presumably Jimmy as well since he was mentioned by the angel. In Absence, Castiel becomes worried when he can't raise Naomi and instead gets Duma who only tells him that Naomi is "indisposed.". Metatron revealed that she was God's sister. He heals Dean's injuries and resurrects Bobby and reminds Dean that he got what he wanted: no Apocalypse, no Paradise, just more of the same. [34], Critical response to the character has been extremely favorable. Castiel was forced to obey her commands while having no free will of his own though he was able to have her spare Meg. Over time, Castiel comes to realize the child might not be born purely evil, but he is unwilling to take the chance. Castiel agrees to help Dean who doesn't tell him who he really is, but mentions what "Cas" had done to Sam. Over the protests of Castiel, Dean tells Michael that he is his true vessel, and that he will be his vessel and they can defeat Lucifer together if Dean remains in control. Following this, Castiel reluctantly sits with Lucifer to talk about Jack despite their differences, apologizing sarcastically for stabbing Lucifer the last time they met. He tells Metatron "I've rebuilt Castiel more times than I can count" but adds that "look where that got me." He's been watching human beings from a great distance for the last two thousand years, so angels haven't been on Earth mingling with human beings for the last two thousand years. After escaping Asmodeus and being attacked by Lucifer, In reality, his older brother the Archangel Michael was in charge of Heaven due to God's absence. Enraged, Efram kills Hannah. Castiel meets Hannah for the last time following the rise of Amara. The two versions of Castiel encounter each other. Unlike any angel, Castiel has been brought back to life many times, and he assumes that God himself has revived him which Joshua confirmed. While working with Crowley, Castiel asks for God's help, but God doesn't respond. Despite being in God's presence for most of the episode, Castiel is not shown to interact with him one-on-one. Castiel is able to make a deal with the entity from the Empty to restore Jack to life in exchange for himself, but the entity chooses not to collect right away. After Castiel rescues Dean from Hell, he realizes he cannot communicate with the human unless he obtains a vessel. Arthur Ketch and the alternate universe version of Charlie Bradbury are captured by angels. In "Goodbye Stranger", Castiel has been completely brainwashed by Naomi and has killed thousands of copies of Dean ruthlessly. [44], Character from American TV series Supernatural, "Supernatural FINALLY Settles Castiel Name Debate", "An angelic visitation livens up the enjoyable 'Supernatural, "Supernatural 4: Misha Collins - Castiel's Emotions", "Misha Collins Is 'Supernatural's' Dark Angel", "Exclusive Interview: Misha Collins of 'Supernatural, "Hollywood Insider:Supernatural's Angel of Thursday – Chatting with Misha Collins About Castiel", "EXCLUSIVE: Misha Collins Gets Angelic in Supernatural", "Misha Collins: Supernatural's Warrior Angel", "Ten Minutes with Supernatural's Misha Collins", "Convention-al wisdom? Castiel witnessed Jack destroy Michael and was amazed that the latter was finally dead as well that Jack regained his powers. He later tells Sam that things got hairy near the end and that Castiel didn't make it, that he "let go". Castiel tortures the demon who tells them where to find Meg, but kills her before she can reveal the truth to Sam and Dean. Hannah shows concern for Castiel's dwindling grace, but is repeatedly brushed off. After ordering Zachariah away, Castiel carves Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs to hide them from all angels, including Lucifer. The angel's interactions with Dean were "one of the highlights of the [fourth] season". He also chose to bear the Mark to keep God locked away. Sam prays to Jack for help, who quickly arrives at the Bunker with Lucifer and defeats Michael. Eve reveals this to Sam and Dean when they try to hunt her down. During this time, the orders he is getting from Heaven of questionable morality and the influence of Anna cause him to start to have doubts about Heaven's plans. He gets Pastor Gideon so they can have him do it and tries to hold the Whore in place so the Pastor can stab her. At the end of the third season of Supernatural, main character Dean Winchester is in Hell after being killed by the hellhounds of the demonic antagonist Lilith. In 2008, Castiel and his garrison were given the task of raising Dean Winchester from Hell. Forced to work for Castiel, Jimmy assents to possession and becomes Castiel's vessel for months. When Crowley enters Castiel's vessel in Hell's Angel, he finds that the angel is suffering from depression, and is likely got "hooks" inside him. Castiel was shocked to learn the truth about the angels being an endangered species from Duma and what they planned to do with Jack if the angels got their hands on him. After learning of the way Duma was twisting Heaven and manipulating Jack, Castiel lost all trust in his sister and openly confronted Duma over her actions in Heaven. While Naomi initially wants her killed to prevent that, Castiel is able to make a case to keep her alive. Hannah partakes in interrogating Castiel on Metatron's whereabouts, but soon chooses to believe that he does not know. In "Frontierland", Sam and Dean call for Castiel to send them back in time as they have learned that the ashes of a Phoenix can kill Eve and that Samuel Colt killed one in the past with The Colt. With his angelic powers partially restored, Castiel sets out to try and stop the angelic civil war. In a flashback during the episode, Castiel and Mary finish up a vampire hunt together shortly after her resurrection and discuss her sons. Later, while Sam and Dean are doing research, Castiel discovers porn on TV; when Dean asks why he was watching porn, he replies, "It was there.". He appeared to consider it but refused to let her guide Jack. Castiel met Michael face to face when he arrived at Stull Cemetery to prevent Michael from fighting his brother Lucifer. It's as if [he is] inspecting some sort of alien beings." Remembering Gabriel's death, he quickly tries to attack him in rage, despite knowing the power Michael wields but is stopped by Sam from fighting him as Michael provokes him. It is unknown how close the two brothers were back in Heaven, but Gabriel is the only one of the four archangels never to make an attempt on Castiel's life, or have a reason to. In "Mommy Dearest", it is discovered that there is a possibility Crowley may have faked his death and might still be alive; suggesting that perhaps Castiel had burned the wrong bones by mistake. After delivering a "big, scary speech", Castiel had vanished. Supernatural star Misha Collins has reacted to the surprising events of last week's episode, confirming Castiel is gay in the process. [30] Upon Supernatural's renewal for a fifth season, Collins was promoted to a series regular, something he believes to be mainly due to fan support. In Byzantium, Castiel meets her again when The Shadow invades Heaven to claim the recently deceased Jack and bring him to The Empty. Hannah is unsupportive of this plan, but ultimately fails to stop her friend due to Bobby's assistance from the inside. Castiel then works with Jack and the Winchesters to evacuate their alternate universe allies through the rift and back to their original universe. [2] Initially, the character demonstrates complete devotion to God and little emotion. He also likes indulging in the occasional kink, so cast away those angel wings and get ready for some heat!